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The top three most popular fertilizer granulators


More and more fertilizer manufacturers are inclined to produce granular fertilizer as customers have higher and higher requirements for fertilizer quality. Whether organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer. To meet their needs, our engineers have designed a variety of granulators for you to choose from. Then through our data analysis, summed up the most popular 3 fertilizer granulator customers. You can choose according to your own need

1. Rotary drum granulator
Rotary drum granulator is one of the most popular fertilizer granulating equipment. So why did so many fertilizer suppliers decide to buy it? On the one hand, the rotary drum granulator is an ideal choice for you if you plan to start large-scale fertilizer production. It can meet your needs for large-scale fertilizer preparation. If you need other capacity drum granulator, we can also provide you. In addition, there are many other carefully designed drum granulation equipment, it is an integrated drum, long time use without damage. And it's lined with anticorrosive rubber, which prevents the material from sticking to the inner walls. Therefore, it would be the best choice for those who want to build large fertilizer plants.

2.Disc granulating equipment
If you need granulator for small scale fertilizer production, disk granulator is your best choice. It can produce 1-5 tons of fertilizer per hour. One of the reasons why the flat-bottoming machine is so popular is its high rate of granulation, which can reach 93%. That means you can get more fertilizer particles for the same amount of material. Whether you want to produce organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer, disk granulation is perfectly suited to your needs.

3. Double roller press granulator
Double roller press granulator is suitable for processing water content of less than 10% of the material. Compound fertilizer particles were prepared by dry extrusion. The fertilizer will pass through the gap between two rollers, which have a number of semicircular notches. This will help turn the material into fertilizer pellets. Because the opposite roll granulator has almost no water in the process of granulating. So there's no need to spend money on subsequent drying and cooling. It's also a great option for those on a tight budget.