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Configuration of small organic fertilizer production line with annual output of 3000 tons


An annual output of 3000 tons of small organic fertilizer production line. On the whole, the output is not large, and the equipment configuration is flexible. It is characterized by low investment and quick returns. Although it is a small production line, the equipment configuration must be combined with the production process and material characteristics to choose the right production  equipment.

A complete set of organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation process, grinding process, granulation process. The main equipment includes: fermentation equipment, semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, dust removal machine, drum screen machine, envelope machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc. But if you're producing powdered organic fertilizer, you don't need a whole set of equipment. All you need is a fermentation turning machine, a belt conveyor and a grinder. Then you can choose whether you need a screening machine according to the quality requirements of the product. According to the labor cost of the factory, it can be decided whether to use automatic packaging machine. There are many facilities for the production of animal manure and organic manure.
So how much does a set of animal manure organic fertilizer equipment cost? Are there any organic fertilizer production videos? In these questions, welcome to contact us, we will be patient to give you the most detailed answer.