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What is a compound fertilizer? What are the characteristics of compound fertilizer?


 What is compound fertilizer?
Many people just know that crops should be applied compound fertilizer, but can not say why, so what is compound fertilizer? In a chemical fertilizer, at the same time containing N, P, K and other major nutrient elements of two or more of the fertilizer, called compound fertilizer. Those containing two main nutrient elements are called binary compound fertilizers, those containing three main nutrient elements are called ternary compound fertilizers, and those containing more than three nutrient elements are called pluralistic compound fertilizers.
First, how to express the nutrient content of compound fertilizer?
Composite fertilizers are conventionally represented by the corresponding percentage of N-P2O5-K2O. If a compound fertilizer contains N10 %, P2O520 %, and K2O10 %, the compound fertilizer is represented as 10-20-10. Some are also marked with S after the K2O content number, such as 12-24-12 (S), that contains K2SO4.
Two, the difference between compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer?
1. Different production processes: The production process of compound fertilizer is relatively simple, usually urea, calcium superphosphate, potassium chloride through mechanical mixing processing, generally do not need to use expensive chemical production equipment. However, compound fertilizer is made by chemical reactions in the production process, which requires complex technology and expensive chemical equipment.
2. Different forms of supervision and management: as the production of compound fertilizer generally does not require expensive chemical equipment, it is relatively easy to pass it off as good and fake. In order to protect the interests of farmers, in the production of compound fertilizer must be in accordance with the relevant license, and the production of compound fertilizer does not need this license.
Three, what are the characteristics of compound fertilizer?
The advantages of compound fertilizer are: high effective composition and many kinds of nutrients; Little accessory component, little adverse effect on soil; Low production cost; Good physical character.
Disadvantages of composite fertilizer: fixed proportion of nutrients, it is difficult to adapt to the different needs of a variety of soil and a variety of crops, often with elemental fertilizer supplement regulation.
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