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The development prospect of organic fertilizer production line


With the development of ecology and environment, pollution-free production and green products have become the new characteristics of contemporary agricultural production. It shows that organic fertilizer has great development potential. Rational use of chemical fertilizer can reduce the non-point source pollution caused by fertilization, optimize the structure of chemical fertilizer varieties, transform the chemical fertilizer varieties from low concentration and single quality type to high concentration and compound type, and promote the development of agricultural production.
The development prospect of organic fertilizer production line
Advantages of organic fertilizer production line:
1. The nutrient elements are comprehensive, and the fertilizer effect is moderate and lasting.
2. It can increase and renew soil organic matter, promote microbial reproduction, enhance respiration, promote root growth, improve physical and chemical properties and biological activity of soil.
3. Reducing environmental pollution is the main nutrient source of green food production.
4. It can improve the quality of agricultural products, such as sweetness, color, etc.