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Processing line for powdered organic fertilizer


A large amount of livestock manure produced by the farm is used to produce green organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is returned to the field to plant organic agriculture. Agricultural wastes and agricultural fruits are fed to various livestock and poultry to form a natural and green ecological biological chain to maintain ecological balance, so that we can find a new life in the field. Our company is committed to the research and development of organic fertilizer technology and fertilizer production machine research and production, supply various types of organic fertilizer production line.

Processing line for powdered organic fertilizer
Processing and production of small powdery organic fertilizer production line
1. Turn over and ferment
Use a trough type compost turning machine to flip the stack. When the temperature rises above 55℃, turn the pile every 1 to 2 days. After 10-15 days of fermentation at 55℃, put the pile away. (The purpose of turning the pile is to promote the evaporation of water, the oxygen to enter the pile, and the bacteria to enter the pile and quickly multiply and ferment)
2. Material crushing
Fermented materials cannot be sold directly as commodities, because long-term stacking will cause agglomeration and other phenomena. At this time, the large pieces of material remaining on the screen need to be finely crushed by a high-humidity material crusher, and powdered organic fertilizer is obtained after crushing. (In the pre-fermentation of the powdered fertilizer production line, in order to speed up the fermentation process, auxiliary materials can be added to the crusher for crushing)
3. Screening and classification
In order to improve the appearance, the powdered organic fertilizer is re-screened to obtain a uniform powdered material before packaging. After operating according to the above steps, it will become pure powdery organic fertilizer after being sieved by a drum screening machine.
4. Finished product packaging.
The powdered organic fertilizer can be directly stored and sold after being packaged by an automatic packaging scale.