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What are the benefits of granular organic fertilizer?


The production of organic fertilizer mainly comes from plants and animals. The carbon containing materials applied to the soil to provide plant nutrition as its main function have been processed to eliminate the toxic and harmful substances and contain a large number of beneficial substances. Then why should the organic fertilizer be made into granules, and what are the advantages compared with the powder?
What are the benefits of granular organic fertilizer?
1. Some inorganic components can be added to the fertilizer to improve fertilizer efficiency. If inorganic components are added to the powder, it is easy to absorb moisture and caking.

2. It is convenient to apply, some organic fertilizers have a light proportion and are easy to be dispersed by the wind when applied in the field, so they can be made into granules for easy application.

3. In order to get the powdery material, it must have low moisture and be crushed. The major limiting factor in the production of organic fertilizer is that the moisture can not be removed and it needs to be dried. The granulation process can produce high heat, and it only needs to be cooled, which is very convenient. 

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