The fermentation trough determines the type of compost turning machine


For the purchase of fermentation compost turning machine, we should first know the width and height of organic fertilizer fermentation trough.

For the design of organic fertilizer fermentation trough, we first know the volume of fermentation fertilizer and calculate the reasonable workshop area according to the fermentation process.

Organic fertilizer fermentation trough is a site-saving fermentation process. The thickness of fertilizer is generally between 1.5-1.6 meters, which can also reach 3 meters. However, the higher the thickness is, the larger the width of the tank is, and the higher the requirements for the configuration of turning equipment are. If 5000 cubic meters of organic fertilizer raw materials are to be thrown and the fertilizer thickness is 15 meters, the area of fermentation pool should be 3333.3 square meters, and the area of fermentation workshop should be slightly more than 3333.3 square meters (excluding the area of stacking raw materials). 

The fermentation trough determines the type of compost turning machine
The large impeller compost turning machine adopts a middle chain transmission mechanism to drive two large-diameter turning roulettes, symmetric turning, no dead angle adjustable speed shifting trolley, left and right displacement, low energy consumption to complete the large span turning work. In the case of deep stacking materials, the energy-saving transmission mechanism uses less power to complete the high-depth, large-span compost turning operation. Its hydraulic lifting system can automatically lift the turning plate to ensure that the equipment can move without obstacles. In addition, the supporting fully automated electrical control system further ensures that the equipment is easy to operate, safe and reliable. The large impeller compost turning machine can be customized with different spans according to the width of the fermentation trough.