Customer site of organic fertilizer production line


The whole process of organic fertilizer production line can be simply divided into three processes: pretreatment, primary fermentation and post-treatment.

Customer site of organic fertilizer production line

Pretreatment stage
The solid-liquid separation, excipient crushing and adjustment of moisture content, carbon nitrogen ratio and pH value of organic fertilizer raw materials were carried out.

Customer site of organic fertilizer production line
Primary fermentation stage
The mixed raw materials are sent to the primary fermentation workshop by loader and piled into fermentation piles. At the same time, the piles are turned over in about 2 days by turning fertilizer production machine, and the water and nutrients are added. The fermentation temperature is controlled at 50 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ (hot by hand), and aerobic fermentation is carried out. The one-time fermentation cycle of the project is 8 days. One pool of raw materials is put into one pool every day, and one pool of semi-finished products is produced. After the semi-finished products are discharged, they are ready to enter the next one technological process.

Post processing stage
The compost products were further screened, and the residue was treated according to the moisture content. After the screened materials are granulated, they are sent to the dryer cooler, then packaging and warehousing for sale. The residue on the screen is returned to the crushing process for reuse.