Production site of NPK fertilizer production line in Indonesia


The equipment of NPK fertilizer production line with an annual output of 30000 tons for Indonesian customers includes raw material batching machine, mixer, granulator, particle dryer, particle cooler, screening machine and particle packaging machine. There are different models of fertilizer equipment. We choose the right fertilizer production scheme for our customers.

Production site of NPK fertilizer production line in Indonesia

Equipment flow of NPK fertilizer production line:

1. Proportioning system: NPK fertilizer raw materials are provided according to a certain proportion (according to market demand and soil testing results).

2. Mixer: mix the raw materials evenly to improve the uniform fertilizer efficiency of the whole fertilizer particles.

3. Rotary drum granulator: the raw materials that are evenly stirred are sent to the rotary drum granulator for granulation.

4. Dryer: the granulator made particles into the dryer, drying the moisture contained in the particles, increasing the strength of the particles, easy to save.

5. Cooler: the temperature of dried fertilizer particles is too high and easy to agglomerate. After cooling, it is easy to pack, store and transport.

6. Screening machine: the cooled particles are graded. The unqualified particles are crushed and re granulated to screen the qualified products.

7. Packaging machine: the particles are automatically bagged and stored in a ventilated place.