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What should be avoided in the operation of organic fertilizer equipment?


Different organic fertilizer equipment, although the use process is different, but it has its corresponding operating standards, especially can not run for a long time with high load. At this time, for example, organic fertilizer equipment is idle, what should be avoided?

1, the role of the equipment is to treat the livestock manure and other waste into reusable organic fertilizer through the process of stirring, crushing, composting, high temperature fermentation and so on. A complete set of organic fertilizer production line, it contains the system, configuration is relatively complex. In order to avoid affecting the later use, people should pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance of parts, prevent parts from aging, wear and other failures, and improve processing efficiency.

2, after the use of organic fertilizer equipment for a long time, its parts, such as springs, transmission belts, etc., may cause plastic deformation due to long-term stress or improper placement. At this time, the personnel should learn to make reasonable use of the idle time, adjust or update the parts appropriately, such as under the frame, to support, so that the tire bears the load, and for example, some deformable parts removed, pay attention to flat or vertical hanging and so on.

3, in some cases, people will use this time to disassemble the equipment for inspection. If so, pay attention to the classification and storage of parts throughout the process to prevent loss and unnecessary costs. In addition, to place the equipment, you should try to choose places that are ventilated, dry and not subject to direct sunlight to ensure that the performance of the equipment will not be adversely affected.