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How to maintain organic fertilizer mixer?


In the entire production process of organic fertilizer production line, in addition to fermentation, the more important preparation work is screening and mixing. The corresponding system configuration, organic fertilizer mixer, how to treat reasonably?

1. Whether the organic fertilizer mixer can work normally will directly affect the progress of the subsequent process, so the operator needs to pay attention. In addition, due to the frequent use of the equipment, personnel are required to check every day. And after the completion of daily operations, learn to use tools to clean the mixer: clean the mixing hook, separator and mixing tank with a wet towel, ensure that there is no water in the tank, and prepare for use.

2, for the organic fertilizer equipment mixer, in addition to daily cleaning, it is also necessary to conduct an overall inspection and cleaning of the mixer every week. Be careful not to directly flush the equipment with water to prevent water from entering the bearing or transmission parts of the appliance, which will damage the equipment, and it is also necessary to check whether the equipment is placed smoothly.

3, One of the most maintenance is that every month or every quarter, the butter gun needs to be added to all the holes on the bearing seat, lubricating the gear and chain. In addition, check whether the belt or chain is loose to prevent damage to the belt or chain caused by skidding, affecting the normal operation of the equipment.