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What is the primary fermentation process of organic fertilizer production line


Huaqiang organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer will plan a fermentation workshop according to the output provided by the customer. This fermentation workshop generally has 4-5 fermentation tanks, which is the annual output provided by the customer. We calculate the daily output, then multiply it by one day of the large fermentation cycle, and then multiply it by a total fermentation site of 1.5, so as to ensure the fermentation capacity of our fertilizer, To avoid the site pollution caused by more feces collected every day.
organic fertilizer production line

Specific fermentation process of organic fertilizer production line

The raw material of the organic fertilizer production line can control the water content below 85%, and then add the straw powder. The ratio of raw material and straw powder is 7:3, so that the carbon ratio of raw materials and auxiliary materials can be controlled at 23% - 28%, and the water content can be controlled at 52% - 68%. Then add organic fertilizer fermentation agent.

After mixing and stirring the raw materials, excipients and bacterial agents, they can be piled up for fermentation. The requirement for stacking is to pile up the mixture on the fermentation field into trapezoidal stacks with bottom width of 1.8-3m, top width of 0.8-1m and height of 1-1.5m, and the interval between the stacks is 0.5m. After stacking, the temperature will rise within 24-48 hours. When using the organic fertilizer fermentation dumper, it must be uniform and thorough, and turn the low layer special materials into the middle and upper part of the pile as far as possible, so as to fully decay. After the first time, we have to turn the pile every week. However, when the temperature exceeds 70 ℃, the pile must be turned over immediately, otherwise, the beneficial microorganisms and fermentation bacteria will be burned to death, which is not conducive to fermentation.