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Invest in the production and manufacture of small scale organic fertilizer production line


The small-scale organic fertilizer production line can be directly established without much money. Some small-scale farms can directly set up the small-scale organic fertilizer production line on their own farms, so that the livestock manure can be directly fermented and decomposed to make organic fertilizer.

organic fertilizer production line
Small scale organic fertilizer production line equipment includes: organic fertilizer dumper, semi wet material crusher, drum screening machine, belt conveyor, automatic packaging machine.

The fermentation of organic fertilizer production line can be divided into two stages: one is pre fermentation, which can be carried out in the open air or in the fermentation device. Oxygen is supplied to the accumulation layer or the fermentation device through the overturning type forced ventilation, and livestock manure is added to the straw as the main body. The main fermentation period of aerobic composting is about 3-10 days. The second is post fermentation. The semi-finished products after the main fermentation are sent to the post fermentation process. The easily decomposable organic matter and the difficult decomposable organic matter in the main fermentation process are further decomposed to make them become stable organic matter such as humic acid and amino acid. The post fermentation time is usually more than 20-30 days.

After fermentation, the material (moisture content is 35%) is mixed by the mixer, and then it is dried by the agitator granulator, and then it is cooled by the cooler and screened by the screening fertilizer production machine. The unqualified products are returned to the mixer fertilizer production machine. The qualified products can be coated with calcium, magnesium, sulfur and other trace elements by the coating machine, the powder flapping machine, and then by the silo and packaging machine.