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What do you need to know to invest in fertilizer processing plants?


The main task of organic fertilizer production is to help farmers adjust the content of organic matter in farmland soil, so organic fertilizer production machines are indispensable. Generally, there are two kinds of organic fertilizer production machines in the market, one is powder organic fertilizer production equipment, the other is granular organic fertilizer production machine, The most commonly used organic fertilizer production machine in the market is powdered organic fertilizer equipment, because its price is relatively cheap, and the granular organic fertilizer production machine pays more attention to environmental protection and simple and convenient use.
What do you need to know to invest in fertilizer processing plants?
What aspects need to be determined for investment in fertilizer processing plants?
1. To determine the output of equipment
Before purchasing fertilizer equipment, it is necessary to determine the expected output and select the model and specification of the equipment according to the output.
2. To determine the shape of the particles
The shape of particles is to facilitate the selection of different granulators, such as powder, column, oblate ball or standard circle. The granulation used by different particle shapes is different, so it can be determined before purchasing.
3. To determine device configuration
The equipment configuration level determines the price difference of the fertilizer production line equipment. If the purchased equipment wants the automatic device to be more convenient and easy to use, the corresponding price will be higher, so it can be determined according to the actual situation.
4. Determine the type of fertilizer
Different types of fertilizer require different equipment, such as compound fertilizer, pure organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer and compound microbial fertilizer. These types of fertilizer production machines are also different.