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Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers tell you the reasons for the poor efficiency of organic fertilizer


The key point of organic fertilizer produced by fertilizer production machine lies in the correct fertilization method! If the effect of improper application, no matter how good the fertilizer will not have a good effect!

According to the actual production experience, there are many reasons why the effect of organic fertilizer used by farmers is not good. There are two kinds of reasons. The first is the reason of fertilizer production process, and the second is the reason of use.

Class I: problems in the production process of organic fertilizer

1. Lack of nutrients
In order to reduce the cost of organic fertilizer, the fertilizer itself has low nutrients, and the production process and equipment are not up to the standard. Some enterprises ferment organic fertilizer, and its nutrients do not meet the factory standard. Many small manufacturers do not even have factories, so they directly outsource or produce in workshops. How can such organic fertilizer be effective?

2. Fertilizer fermentation is not mature
Organic manure production is the most important fermentation! Generally, the equipment used is turnover machine. The acidity and alkalinity of fertilizer changes greatly. If the fermentation process is not well controlled, it is possible that the pH value of fermented organic fertilizer is no longer within the specification range. Over acid or over alkali products can lead to soil acidification and hardening, crop growth retardation or plant death.
Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers tell you the reasons for the poor efficiency of organic fertilizer
3. Humic acid content
Humic acid is produced continuously in the process of organic fertilizer fermentation, especially in high temperature fermentation (above 50 ℃). Humic acid can improve crop stress resistance, promote yield and germination. Now a large amount of fertilizer contains a lot of humic acid.

4. Heavy metals exceed the standard
Heavy metals will accumulate in the soil, and finally concentrate on people through the food chain, causing harm to people. At the same time, heavy metals can also damage the growth of crops.

Class 2: the problem of usage

Generally speaking, it is not a problem for farmers to buy reliable fertilizer when purchasing agricultural materials. Therefore, the key to the efficiency of organic fertilizer lies in its application technology.

1. The effect of surface dressing is low
When many farmer friends use it, they can't cover the soil in time. The fertilizer is only on the surface of the soil and can't fully contact with the soil. It can't improve the soil. In addition, sunlight nutrients will also be lost with water, and the buffering capacity, loose soil, water holding and ventilation, heat preservation and fertilizer retention of organic fertilizer can not be reflected. Therefore, the best way of organic fertilizer should be combined with inorganic fertilizer as base fertilizer, rather than as topdressing. In order to cover soil and fertilize, we must not try to save time on the surface. Furrow and hole application is the best way.

2. Impact of climate conditions
High temperature weather in summer, soil moisture is not good, for the absorption of organic fertilizer will be weakened, therefore, the application of organic fertilizer, it is best to keep the soil moisture content is large. In case of drought and water shortage, irrigation should be carried out.