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The manure of the farm is used for the production of organic fertilizer


Regardless of large-scale breeding, small-scale breeding, family breeding caused by livestock manure become the main source of environmental pollution, I believe that most farms manure treatment has become a major problem of farms, farm manure processing into organic fertilizer is the most convenient and effective method. Now let's introduce how to deal with the manure of the farm.
The manure of the farm is used for the production of organic fertilizer
For solid organic fertilizer, the production of organic fertilizer is to first ferment the fresh manure with low moisture content by aerobic composting, and then smash the thoroughly fermented material by a pulverizer, and then the crushed material is granulated by a disc granulator after conditioning. If the moisture content of the granulated organic fertilizer is too high, it needs to be dried by the dryer. After drying, it needs to be cooled to a suitable temperature by the cooler, and then it needs to be sieved out of the powder or broken particles by the screening machine for secondary crushing and granulation.

The formed granules are bagged to become granular organic fertilizer for sale. A slightly simpler process is to use the organic fertilizer directly after aerobic fermentation for fertilization without crushing and granulation.