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Production characteristics of organic fertilizer roller granulator


 The organic fertilizer roller granulator is a small fertilizer granulation equipment widely used in the fertilizer processing industry. It is suitable for various industries such as fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, and feed. The roller granulator adopts extrusion granulation, which plays an important role in fertilizer processing and is the main granulator of the npk production line.
In the npk fertilizer production line, the raw materials are crushed into powder by a chain crusher, so that the raw materials meet the granulation requirements. The ingredients are fully mixed in the vertical switch valve. The NPK powder that meets the granulation requirements is sent to the upper part of the roller granulator by the conveyor, and the particles are sent out from the lower part of the granulator. Granulation is the top priority of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer processing. In the granulation stage of the roller granulator production line, the raw materials are sent to the silo above the granulator for feeding. Under the action of gravity, the powdery raw material is pushed into the gap of the granulator, which increases the density of the raw material,NPK fertilizer is in granular form and can be packaged directly from the discharge port of the granulator.

The organic fertilizer roller granulator has a simple structure, low equipment investment, relatively small equipment, low production capacity, and relatively cheap price, generally 30,000 to 50,000 yuan; it is stable and durable, and is favored by many small fertilizer manufacturers. welcome. The product has a high granulation rate, dry powder is produced at room temperature, no drying is required, and it is extruded at one time, which meets the technical requirements of compound fertilizer. Roller granulator production line is easy to maintain and low cost. Small businesses can install and debug independently. Advanced technology, compact structure, novel and practical, low energy consumption. Compared with other nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizer production lines, the roller granulator production line has a fast return on investment and zero pollution.