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How to maintain organic fertilizer drum dryer equipment?


 The drum dryer is a new generation of tumble dryer developed by our employees with many years of experience in compound fertilizer production. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long service life, uniform drying and convenient maintenance. The drum dryer is mainly used to dry fertilizer production at a certain temperature and fertilizer particle size, and can be used in npk production line, organic fertilizer production process, bio-organic fertilizer production lines, etc.
How to maintain organic fertilizer dryer equipment?

1. The organic fertilizer uses the two bearings of the dryer control equipment to carry out the processing surface on the base to the same extent, the tolerance between the centers is 1mm, the vertical horizontal center line is not parallel. .
2. The spherical contact surface of the bearing bush should be an average angle; not less than 1-2 points per 50x50mm2; the contact surface between the hollow shaft and the bearing bush should be 90 points; not less than 2 points per square inch; Bearings are similar.
3. The flange mating surface of the organic fertilizer dryer is in good contact with the front end cover, and gaskets are not allowed. The tolerance of misalignment between two hollow shafts is less than 0.8mm. When the large ring gear is connected to the cylinder end cover, the thrust should be combined, the positioning pin should be good, the radial swing of the ring gear should not be greater than 0.5 mm, and the axial swing should not be greater than 0.84 mm.
4. The lining plate of the organic fertilizer dryer equipment should be installed according to the end cap first, and the cylinder lining plate should start from the population and stop according to the assembly requirements. Each screw should be evenly tightened without leakage. We must not have gaps in the rubber lining board, and the gaps are blocked by sponge for application research.
5. The center line of the pinion gear of the organic fertilizer dryer should be parallel to the center line of the large gear. The tooth top clearance is 1/4 modulus, and the tooth side clearance is 1/4 modulus and 0.06-1.8mm. The organic fertilizer uses the dryer to control the tooth surface of the equipment. The contact building area is generally not less than 50% of the tooth length and 40% of the tooth height.