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Pig manure organic fertilizer production machine realizes resource utilization


The pollution of livestock manure has aroused strong concern of the society. Under the pressure of environmental protection, more and more farms begin to solve the problem, trying to change the current passive situation. Practice has proved that the production of organic fertilizer from livestock manure is an effective way of harmless treatment and resource utilization for large-scale pig farms.
fertilizer production machine
Pig manure organic fertilizer production machine compact structure, advanced technology, the application of harmless living bacteria fermentation agent to treat livestock manure, biological fermentation under the action of a variety of beneficial microorganisms, release nutrients, can kill bacteria, insect eggs, detoxification deodorization, to achieve harmless, resource.

When we choose a manufacturer, the qualification and strength of the manufacturer, the customer cases of the manufacturer, the technical level of the manufacturer, the reputation and reputation of the manufacturer, and the quality of the after-sales service of the manufacturer are all important factors for our reference. Zhengzhou Huaqiang organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer can design 10000-500000 tons of pig manure organic fertilizer production line and workshop according to customer requirements, and provide complete sets of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment.