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Modern treatment of manure in pig farms


In the past, pig farms were mainly used for ecological purposes. Pig manure was directly used to return to the field, or mixed with straw and simply piled up to become ordinary farmyard manure. With the continuous advancement of agricultural technology, simple natural composting has become biological fermentation, and self-made fertilizers have become industrialized production. Therefore, the use of pig manure to produce organic fertilizer has become a more reasonable way to treat livestock and poultry manure.
Modern treatment of manure in pig farms
According to the situation of large-scale farms and the amount of breeding, estimate the approximate annual production volume of pig manure organic fertilizer production. Then, according to the local land use, see how much area needs to be determined to be used as the land for organic manure production plants. After that, the factory was built and produced. The equipment configuration process of the pig manure organic fertilizer production line is as follows: raw material collection, pulverizer, mixer, disc granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, automatic packaging scale.

Build an organic fertilizer farm to pile up and ferment the original chicken manure, pig manure, sheep manure, cow manure, etc., and then start production to make a profit. The average market price of pig manure organic fertilizer per ton should be 600-800 yuan per ton. Examining the cost calculation, the organic fertilizer industry is a tax-free enterprise and an environmentally friendly ecological industry. Therefore, investing in an organic fertilizer production line is a very good choice whether it is the prospect or the market!