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Why do most manufacturers choose the double roller press granulator to granulate


1. Efficient production: the double roller press granulator has a high production efficiency, which can meet the high requirements of organic fertilizer plants for output. Compared with other granulation equipment, the double roller press granulator can complete the crushing and forming of the material in a short time, improving the production efficiency.

2. Good particle shape: the double roller press granulator can process the material into a uniform and regular granular shape, which is conducive to subsequent storage, transportation and application. Organic fertilizer with regular particle shape and uniform density is conducive to improving fertilizer utilization rate and reducing environmental pollution.

3. Strong adaptability: the double roller press granulator has strong adaptability, and can handle many types of organic materials, such as farm manure, animal and plant waste. This allows organic fertilizer plants to flexibly adjust the ratio of raw materials to produce products that meet market demand.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The double roller press granulatorhas low energy consumption during operation, which is conducive to reducing the production cost of organic fertilizer production line. At the same time, its compact structure, low noise, less emissions, in line with the green development concept.

5. Easy maintenance: The structure of the double roller press granulator is relatively simple, fewer parts, easy to daily maintenance and overhaul. This helps to reduce the failure rate of organic fertilizer equipment and ensure the stable progress of production.

6. Short return on investment: Compared with other advanced organic fertilizer production line equipment, the return on investment of double roller press granulator is shorter. This allows organic fertilizer plants to recover their investment costs more quickly when purchasing equipment.