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Relationship between speed and yield of organic fertilizer crusher


The relationship between speed and yield of organic fertilizer crusher mainly depends on the following factors:

1. Equipment type: There are differences in the design of different types of organic fertilizer equipment, such as hammer type, claw type, etc. The speed required for different types of grinders during the production process will also vary.

2. Raw material properties: The speed of the mill needs to be adjusted according to the nature of the raw material. For materials with larger hardness and harder particles, lower rotational speed is needed to ensure the crushing effect; For soft, fragile raw materials, higher rotational speeds are required to increase production.

3. Equipment performance: The performance indicators of the crusher include motor power, transmission ratio, etc. These factors will affect the speed in the production process. High performance equipment is usually able to provide higher RPM, thus increasing production.

4. Process requirements: According to the production process requirements of organic fertilizer, such as fineness, water content and other indicators, the speed of the grinder needs to be adjusted to meet the needs of product quality.

5. Operating experience: The experience of the operator is crucial to the speed control of the mill. Experienced operators can flexibly adjust according to the actual production situation.