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How to improve the process of organic fertilizer equipment?


The development of ecological agriculture is always inseparable from the use of organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer can be processed by organic fertilizer equipment. In order to improve efficiency, how can the process be improved?

1. Crush. In order to process livestock waste into usable fertilizer, it first needs to be crushed. The original crushing system may be doped with some other debris to reduce costs, but it is easy to cause difficulties in post-processing. Therefore, the operator should pay attention to, should comply with the use of norms, seriously crush, so that the fineness of the material meets the requirements.

2. Next, dry. The reason for this process is mainly to better granulation in the later stage. The premise of granulation is that the humidity of the material should be controlled below 25%, therefore, for the raw materials with humidity above 25%, the drying link of the organic fertilizer production line should be entered first.

3. Enter the granulation process. Because this process is the core process, it is very critical, so the operator should pay attention to, the model of the organic fertilizer graulator used should be determined according to the specific output of the user to ensure that the relatively ideal effect can be obtained.

4, after the completion of granulation, need to shape the particles, has reached a round ball. Among them, for users with special needs, there will be a packaging link to directly package the finished product, which is automated and does not need to spend too much manpower and time.