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Ukrainian customers visit the factory


On December 10, 2018, we received customers from Ukraine. In the office, we explained the purchased equipment, production line, plant planning and other issues again, and the engineers gave detailed answers to the customers' questions.

Ukrainian customers visit the factory
The sales manager of the company introduced the fertilizer production machine, fertilizer production line and fertilizer granules in detail. The customers gave some affirmation and praise to the company's products and had a strong interest in our products.

The purchase of organic fertilizer production machine sold by our company is only the beginning of communication with our company, and also the beginning of after-sales service department. During the whole stage of customers using organic fertilizer production machine, all our after-sales service personnel provide thoughtful, meticulous, enthusiastic and timely service, so that customers can use the equipment easily and freely without any worries, and can really experience the convenience and value created by our company for customers.