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What lessons do you need to do in the early stage of making organic fertilizer?


 First, we need to calculate how much raw materials can be collected around ourselves? Such as livestock and poultry manure, straw, crop waste, sludge, sugar factory filter mud, winery distiller’s grains, etc.; here for example, we collect 20,000 tons of raw materials in one year. After the raw materials are fermented, we can calculate how much output we need to buy fertilizer production machines and production workshops where much space is needed. In this way, an organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 5,000 tons is sufficient.

What lessons do you need to do in the early stage of making organic fertilizer?
Next, we need to find industrial land for production, about 1000 square meters is enough; with a place, our factory can plan production workshop, fermentation workshop and finished product workshop for you. After planning, according to the drawings issued by our factory, the production workshop needs a simple civil part; at the same time, our factory begins to process and produce organic fertilizer equipment, and when the civil part is completed, our production equipment can be installed. It takes about two weeks from the beginning of civil engineering to the installation and commissioning of equipment. Our factory is responsible for the training of the whole process from the establishment of the factory to the production of organic fertilizer free of charge, so that you can not only buy our high-quality biological organic fertilizer equipment, but also master the production process of organic fertilizer.

The civil part of the site is expected to be 20000-30000 yuan. If the ready-made factory can be rented, the cost will be saved. In addition to some incalculable costs, the annual output of 5000 tons of organic fertilizer production equipment needs to invest 150000 yuan; if the output is smaller, the price will be reduced. Our factory can also design more simple production process or more high-grade production process for you according to your budget or actual floor area.