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What does it take to build a small organic fertilizer production line?


1. Self-propelled compost turning machine: This machine facilitates the turning and mixing of organic raw materials. Using a compost turning machine, the entire fermentation time only needs 7-15 days. Thanks to the four wheels, you can move the machine freely.
2. High-moisture fertilizer grinder: This machine is used to grind high-moisture materials or bulk materials. Make the moisture content of organic matter reach 25-55%, which solves the problem of crushing high-moisture materials.

3. Horizontal organic fertilizer mixer: The horizontal organic fertilizer mixer adopts a new rotor structure, which effectively reduces material residues. Make the organic matter fully mixed, suitable for the mixing of organic fertilizers.
4. New type organic fertilizer granulator: This fertilizer granulator is a new type of organic fertilizer granulator, mainly used for organic fertilizer granulation. The particle size of the organic fertilizer is uniform. The granulation rate is above 90%, and the organic matter content of organic fertilizer granules is 100%.
Organic fertilizer screening machine: mainly used for the separation of finished products and recycled materials. It can also be used for grading organic fertilizer particles. The built-in screen is adopted, which is easy to operate and replace.
5. Automatic weighing and packaging machine: Intelligent fertilizer packaging machine is composed of automatic weighing system, conveying system, overlock system and computer control system. It is an indispensable equipment in the production of organic fertilizer.

To build an organic fertilizer production process, a bio organic fertilizer production or an npk production line, the required production equipment is similar. In addition to the above-mentioned equipment, the factory also needs other supporting equipment, such as belt conveyors, to ensure continuous and efficient production; according to the customer's production Requirements, budget or site layout to configure rotary dryers and coolers; small organic fertilizer production line construction requires silos. We recommend that the size of the silo is 2500mm*1500mm. Considering the waterproof design, the organic fertilizer plant should be located in an open-air shed. Compost piles can be in open areas. Some wooden pallets can be placed in the warehouse to prevent moisture.