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Ways to prevent fertilizer caking


 Fertilizer agglomerates are formed by contact points of particles (granules, pellets, flakes, etc.). Fertilizer agglomeration caused by contact between fertilizer particles to form crystal connections (called crystal bridges) is the most serious agglomeration. Agglomeration can also be formed by adhesive contact (capillary adhesion). This agglomeration is generally physical and easily recover. As we all know, the longer the production time of organic fertilizer, the easier it is to agglomerate. The following points should be paid attention to in the process of organic fertilizer production. Whether it is the organic fertilizer granules produced by the organic fertilizer production process or the compound fertilizer produced by the npk production line, as long as it is a granular fertilizer, everyone does not want the fertilizer to agglomerate. Here are several ways to prevent fertilizer agglomeration.

1. Choose raw materials reasonably, that is, choose raw materials that are not easy to agglomerate. The main raw material is relatively dry, and the final fertilizer will not clump when the air is not too humid. For example, trace element foliar fertilizers are made of iron, copper, manganese, zinc, sulfate, boric acid, ammonium molybdate, and magnesium sulfate is an additive. Generally speaking, the choice of raw materials should be based on dry materials.
2. Add some non-caking agents, such as talcum powder, humic acid and other powders. Some surfactants may also be added.
3. Select the appropriate production time. Taking China as an example, most of China is located in the northern temperate zone, and the rainy season is concentrated in June, July, and August. Therefore, fertilizer production is good in spring, late autumn and winter,Because the air humidity is low and the temperature is not high, it is not easy to agglomerate.
4. Use reasonable packaging and transportation methods to prevent extrusion. The outer packaging material should be waterproof and breathable.