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Three common npk fertilizer granulators


 NPK granulation equipment is specialized equipment for producing high-quality NPK fertilizer granules, and is an indispensable equipment for npk production line. What's more, NPK granulator plays an irreplaceable role in the process of manufacturing granular NPK fertilizer. Therefore, when you want to build an npk fertilizer production line, you must purchase the most suitable granulator.

1. Double roller extrusion granulator
The double-roll granulator adopts eugenic formula to make NPK fertilizer granules, that is, the finished composite granules are rolled and formed at room temperature at one time. The quality of pellets will meet the requirements of market compound fertilizer technology. When using twin-roll granulator in NPK granulation plant, there are many options for NPK granule shape, including pillow shape, semicircle shape, rod shape, pellet shape, walnut shape and square bar shape. In addition, it can also be equipped with corresponding machines to achieve a certain continuous and mechanized production capacity.
2. Drum granulator
Drum type fertilizer granulator is often used in large npk fertilizer manufacturing process. On the one hand, this machine has a large capacity. 30 tons of high-quality nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer granules can be made within one hour of using this machine. Moreover, the granulation rate of the rotary drum granulator can reach 85%, which means that it can greatly improve the granulation efficiency. On the other hand, the drum granulator is suitable for mass production of cold, hot and cold, high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizers. Therefore, this machine is your best choice when you need to produce large quantities of NPK granular fertilizer.
3. Disc granulator machine
In addition to the above two granulators, our factory can also recommend disc granulators for your NPK granulator. This machine is your best choice when you have a small NPK fertilizer granule manufacturing plan. The disc granulator adopts a three-discharge design, which will further increase the granulation workpiece rate of your NPK granulation plant. At the same time, when the machine produces NPK pellets, the forming rate reaches 93%.