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The operation technique of rotary drum granulator


The process of operating the rotary drum granulator mainly includes the following steps: First, according to the required particle size and output, select the appropriate drum granulator model; Secondly, the material is put into the drum, while setting the drum speed, temperature and other parameters; Then, start the transmission device to make the drum start to rotate; Finally, the grain size and output are monitored by the control system, and the rotating speed and temperature of the drum are adjusted to achieve the desired grain size.

Safety is of Paramount importance in the operation of organic fertilizer production lines. Operators should strictly abide by safety procedures to ensure the stable operation of organic fertilizer equipment. First of all, check the transmission device of the drum granulator regularly to ensure its normal operation; Secondly, it is strictly prohibited to overhaul and maintain the equipment during operation to prevent accidents; Finally, the operator should receive regular safety training and be familiar with the operation methods and emergency stopping steps of the equipment.

The maintenance and maintenance methods of drum granulator mainly include the following points: first, regularly replace the wear parts, such as agitator, bearing, etc.; Second, clean the equipment regularly to keep the inside of the drum clean; Third, check the electrical system regularly to ensure its normal operation; The fourth is to lubricate the transmission device regularly to extend its service life.

Looking forward to the development trend and prospects of drum granulator, with the progress of science and technology and changes in industry demand, drum granulator will continue to develop in the direction of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. In short, in the future development of the drum granulator, it will continue to provide efficient and reliable particle preparation solutions for China's chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries.