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The advantages of double shaft mixer in small organic fertilizer production line


 The double axis mixer uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical spiral axes to stir the dry ash and other powdered materials with water at the same time, so that the dry ash and powdered materials are uniformly humidified, so that the material after humidification does not rise dry powder ash or dust. It will ooze water droplets for the purpose of enabling wet ash to be transported by truck or transferred to other organic fertilizer equipment.

1. The whole mixed transportation process of organic fertilizer production line is carried out in a closed space, no dust leakage, clean and environmental protection;

2, set mixing, humidification, transportation in one, good mixing uniformity, high production efficiency, large capacity;

3, the shaft end uses labyrinth and packing combination seal, play a double sealing role, sealing effect is good;

4, mixing blade using wear-resistant materials, and special surface treatment, high wear resistance;

5, compact structure, small space, smooth transmission, high reliability, low noise.

Double axis mixer is used for uniform mixing of fly ash with other raw materials, aggregates, additives, etc.