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Skills needed to know in organic fertilizer production


The production of organic fertilizer needs a good environment. First of all, better ventilation, moisture should also be suitable, generally around 60 degrees just right. When the environment is ready, the leaves, grass, and even garbage are used as raw materials, and the special adjuvant is added. The fertilizer made by the decomposition of certain substances is organic fertilizer.

In the process of making organic fertilizer, special attention should be paid to temperature and moisture. It is very important to control water content. If water content is not well controlled, organic fertilizer can not be made. From a professional point of view, 65% humidity is better. Besides water, temperature is also very important. Generally speaking, it is best to control the temperature at 60 ℃. When the raw materials are fermented at this temperature for one week, the organic fertilizer will be produced under the decomposition of specific substances.

Pay attention to the fermentation cycle: after the materials are mixed in the trough, turn the pile for the first time, which is recorded as the start time of the fermentation cycle. Generally, after 3-4 days of warming up period (5-7 days in winter), it enters the high temperature fermentation stage. Taking the temperature as the standard, when the temperature of the compost is higher than 60-70 ℃ for more than 24 hours, the compost can be turned by the compost turnover machine, and the times of turning vary with the seasons. The fermentation cycle is 15 days in summer and 25 days in winter.

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