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Production technology of Huaqiang powdery organic fertilizer


The production of powdery organic fertilizer is relatively simple. The fertilizer production machine is mainly composed of five parts: compost windrow turner, forklift, ration feeder, pulverizer and screening machine (drum screen or vibrating screen). Equipment and equipment need to be connected with four sets of belt conveyor to form a complete production line.

Production technology of Huaqiang powdery organic fertilizer
1. A set of belt conveyor above the crusher connects the screened bulk raw materials.

2. A belt on the screen connects the fermentation materials.

3. A belt under the screening organic fertilizer machine is connected with the screened finished materials, and the finished products are sent to the processing site for weighing and packing.

4. The warehouse needs a conveyor for loading.

The fertilizer production line manufacturers with large production capacity also need to purchase mixing mixer, automatic quantitative packing scale, granulator, belt conveyor also needs to be added.

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