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Production line equipment with an annual output of 20,000 tons of cow dung powder organic fertilizer


The production of organic fertilizer refers to the fertilizer produced by fermenting organic raw materials in a certain proportion without causing particles. There is a certain difference from traditional pile fermentation. The standard is 40% organic matter, 5% or more total nutrients, and 30% moisture. The equipment is also relatively simple, mainly a trilogy of fermentation, namely: premixing, turning over, refinement, and packaging. The purpose of cow dung fermentation is to decompose macromolecular materials of organic materials into small molecular materials that can be absorbed and utilized by crops. The quality of fermentation is also related to the quality and effect of organic fertilizer.
production of organic fertilizer
Fermentation process of cow dung fertilizer production line
1. In the fermentation tank for 2 days, the temperature will rise to 60°C to 80°C, which will sterilize and eliminate pests.
2. On the fourth day in the fermentation tank, eliminate the odor; then on the seventh day, the materials in the tank will become loose, dry and full of white mycelium.
3. When fermented in the tank until the ninth day, it will emit a fragrance, which is basically similar to the fragrance of koji.
4. The material will be matured and fully fermented until the tenth day of fermentation in the tank.
5. It means that the fermentation stage is over, and the materials can be removed to the next process with a forklift.

Cow dung powdered organic fertilizer equipment is easy to configure, and the investment cost is low. The small powder fertilizer production line from raw material fermentation to finished product packaging and storage, the fertilizer production machine is about 60,000 to 70,000 yuan.