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Process flow of disc granulation production line


1. Granulation: Raw materials are fed into the feeder and granulated by a disc granulator machine. Evenly transfer to the turntable of the disc granulator machine. Sprinkle the liquid component or an appropriate amount of water on the disc through the liquid component distributor of the disc granulator to meet the liquid phase required for granulation. When gravity and centrifugal force increase enough to overcome the friction between the particles, they are thrown out of the disc. The particles remain in the disc and continue to agglomerate fine particles.
2. Drying: After the granulation is completed, dry the fertilizer granules with a dryer to remove the moisture inside and prevent the fertilizer granules from agglomerating.
3. Cooling: Transfer to the rotary cooler, and cool the fertilizer with natural cold wind or forced cold wind. In order to improve productivity and output, the fertilizer after high-temperature drying is cooled by a cooler, so that the temperature drops below room temperature and does not exceed 5 degrees Celsius.
4. Sieving: Use a sieving machine to sieve the fertilizer particles. The unqualified particles are screened out for crushing and re-granulated, and the qualified particles are sent to the next process.
5. Packing: Send the qualified granules to the finished product warehouse, and then pack them into bags with a packing scale.

This disc granulation production line is suitable for the production of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers, which requires specific analysis of specific conditions. In the organic fertilizer production process, it needs to be pulverized first and then granulated. Only by crushing the raw materials into the desired powder can the success rate and quality of granulation be improved. Therefore, after the feeder, a pulverizer is added before the granulator.
In the npk production line, it is necessary to mix the raw materials evenly in proportion, so it is necessary to replace the feeding bin with a batching bin, and install a mixer behind the batching bin to make the raw materials mix evenly. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.