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Livestock manure developed into a professional organic fertilizer factory


As the main farm manure, livestock manure plays a very important role in improving soil quality. Based on the concept of transforming waste into treasure, adopting new organic fertilizer production machine and new technology, the waste of livestock and poultry is treated scientifically, and the waste pollutants are transformed into organic fertilizer, which has far-reaching significance for environmental protection and soil improvement.
Livestock manure developed into a professional organic fertilizer factory
Construction conditions of organic fertilizer production line
(1) Production scale: can be large or small; according to the amount of capital, provide a million yuan production scale; several million yuan production scale; ten million yuan production scale and other different personalized plant construction plan and marketing plan.
(2) Production site: the size of the production site can be determined according to the production scale.
(3) Production equipment: according to the production scale to determine the selection of organic manure production machine.
(4) According to the scale of production and the local natural resources, industrial policy planning and organic fertilizer related agricultural industry, in order to achieve the local circular, sustainable development of modern ecological agriculture industry.