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Investment scale of poultry manure organic fertilizer production line project


The development of organic fertilizer production line and sterilization system will help to promote the formation of industrial chain of harmless treatment, resource utilization and commercialization of livestock manure, achieve the goal of industrialization, marketization and large-scale production, and effectively promote the development of ecological agriculture and circular economy in the city.

The construction period of organic fertilizer production line project is short, the return on investment is high, the risk is small, and the payback period is short.
Process flow of organic fertilizer production line: raw material selection (animal manure, etc.) - > drying and sterilization - > ingredient mixing - > granulation - > cooling screening - > metering and sealing - > finished product warehousing.
organic fertilizer production line
The complete set of organic manure production line equipment is mainly composed of fermentation system, drying system, deodorization and dust removal system, crushing system, batching system, mixing system, granulation system and finished product packaging system; (livestock manure and other harmless treatment) the fermentation system includes: feed conveyor, biological deodorant, mixer, exclusive compost turner, oxygen supply system and automatic control system.

The construction scale is generally 10000-250000 tons per year. Local resources, market capacity and market coverage should be taken into account. In general, the reference standards of equipment selection for the annual output of small-scale new plants are shown in the table below. The annual output of medium-sized plants is 50000-100000 tons, and that of large-scale plants is 100000-300000 tons. The investment scale and product scheme design should be based on the following conditions: characteristics of raw material resources, local soil conditions, local planting structure and main crop varieties, factory site conditions, production automation degree, etc.