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How to make an investment plan for an organic fertilizer plant?


 Investing in an organic fertilizer plant is not a blind investment. So, what are the plans? What expenses does the investment budget include?
1. Where is the organic fertilizer factory?
2. What is the annual production capacity of organic fertilizer?
3. Is the final product powdered organic fertilizer or granular fertilizer?
4. How to choose organic fertilizer production equipment? Organic fertilizer production equipment is related to the type of fertilizer produced, including npk production line, organic fertilizer production process, bio-organic fertilizer production line, etc.

These are all issues that need to be considered when investing in organic fertilizer plants. Organic fertilizer plants should be built far away from the city center, residential areas and close to raw materials. The selection of organic fertilizer production equipment is closely related to the annual output of organic fertilizer and the form of organic fertilizer production. The annual output is between 10,000 and 30,000 tons. Just choose small organic fertilizer production equipment. The equipment line price is about $31,000. More than 200,000 tons are suitable for large and medium-sized organic fertilizer production lines.
If it is used to process granular organic fertilizer, it is recommended to purchase a complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment. Powdered organic fertilizer only needs fermentation equipment, mixing equipment, and crushing equipment. The investment price of a complete set of equipment is around 85,000-100,000 US dollars. The price of powder production equipment is around $20,000. The above are estimated prices, please contact us for actual prices.

Our company integrates the R&D and production of organic fertilizer equipment, and has a number of fertilizer production lines (bio-organic fertilizer production line, pig manure organic fertilizer production line, drum granulator production line, npk fertilizer production line, etc.) Screening system, batching system, granulation equipment, drying equipment and a complete set of organic fertilizer production line machinery and equipment. It can provide the most complete overall design scheme for the construction of organic fertilizer plants, and is responsible for one-stop services such as pre-sales consultation, configuration of organic fertilizer production lines, installation and commissioning of organic fertilizer equipment, and after-sales maintenance, making your organic fertilizer plant production and operation more economical heart.