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How to improve the quality of fertilizer production by technology


In the production of organic fertilizer, there are three factors affecting the quality: first, the quality of raw materials; second, the formula of fertilizer; third, the production process, which affect each other. After controlling the quality of raw materials and fertilizer formula, how to improve the quality of fertilizer by improving the production process has become an important means for many fertilizer enterprises to improve product quality.
How to improve the quality of fertilizer production by technology
1. Impurity removal control of raw materials
There are a lot of impurities in the fertilizer raw materials. If they are not cleaned up in advance, the product quality will be affected, and even the animal production performance will be affected. In the process of processing, the equipment will be lost, and the production will be affected.
It is generally believed that the impurity removal process of raw materials in fertilizer enterprises should pay attention to the magnetic separation and screening equipment, pay attention to the protection of fertilizer production machine, and pay more attention to the cleaning of debris in grain raw materials.

2. Pay attention to the control of fertilizer moisture
In the process of fertilizer production, we should pay attention to the following problems:
The moisture content is 60% ~ 75% of the dry material, that is, when the material is grasped by hand, water drops can be squeezed out, indicating that the moisture content is moderate.

3. Crushing process of raw materials
The comminution of raw materials plays an important role in fertilizer processing. In order to meet the requirements of comminution fineness, the comminution process gradually develops from single comminution to secondary comminution and ultra-fine comminution.