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How to ensure the role of fertilizer when fertilizing


 Directly mix some fertilizers together to use, in fact, this method is wrong, how can we ensure that the effect of fertilizer?

1. Pay attention to the mixing ratio

When mixing fertilizers, pay attention to the mixing ratio, if the amount of one fertilizer increases or decreases, then other fertilizers also need to increase or decrease, so as to ensure the same proportion, but also need to see what plants are fertilized, which part of the plant fertilized, these need to be considered, so that you can focus on the configuration of the proportion, so that the effect can be played out.

2. Pay attention to balanced fertilization

It is not appropriate to fertilize crops too much or too little, too much not only wastes fertilizer, increases production costs, too little will appear the lack of nutrients. When applying fertilizer, according to the different structure of crops and the fertilizer supply capacity of the soil, it is necessary to do the amount out for in, not too much, and strive to balance the nutrient elements, so that it can be peaceful. Each crop has different needs for fertilizer elements, and the amount also has certain requirements, so pay attention when fertilizing.

3. Stagger the application period

Zinc fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer if mixed fertilization, there will be problems, so phosphate fertilizer should be used as a base fertilizer, zinc fertilizer should be applied as topdressing. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other large element fertilizer should be mainly rhizosphere topdressing, micro-fertilizer should be applied by foliar spraying method.

3. Reduce the contact range of nitrogen

Potassium fertilizer can be used to spread the method: phosphate fertilizer can be used to concentrate the method of fertilization; Micro-fertilizer can be used to mix seeds, spread seeds, dip roots and other methods, so that trace elements are limited to the root of this small range and try not to contact with a large number of elements.

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