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How much does the annual output of 30000 tons of organic fertilizer production line need to invest?


The equipment required for the annual output of 30000 tons of organic fertilizer production line generally include: 1. Forklift --- - 2. Compost turning machine --- - 3. Quantitative feeding vibrating bin --- - 4. Crusher --- - 5. Common screening machine --- - 6. Belt conveyor --- - 7. Electronic dynamic batching bin (optional) ---- - 8. Mixing mixer --- - 9. Granulator --- - 10. Roller dryer --- - 11. Roller cooler --- - 12. Shotcrete coating machine (optional) ---- - 13. Automatic mixing machine Quantitative packaging machine
organic fertilizer production line
Organic fertilizer production line is mainly to ferment and decompose organic wastes (animal manure, garbage sludge, straw, straw, corn straw, cassava residue) and other organic wastes. After crushing and screening, the organic wastes with moisture content of about 30% - 35% are measured in the batching and mixing system with binders (bentonite, humic acid) and other ingredients (adding functional bacteria can produce bio organic fertilizer, adding nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (the total nutrient content is less than 15%) can produce organic and inorganic fertilizer) ingredients and mixing. After fully mixing, the materials are evenly and continuously fed into the crusher by belt conveyor. After passing through the crusher and screening machine, the finished products are transported to the finished product bin by belt, and then measured and packaged by computer quantitative packaging system.

Huaqiang organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers remind customers to pay attention not to take advantage when purchasing equipment. Under the premise of the same equipment and the same quality, if there is too much difference in price, it is greasy. The important thing is the quality of after-sales and equipment, and the material used.