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How much does it cost to purchase equipment for the organic fertilizer production line?


The organic fertilizer production line mainly refers to the organic fertilizer produced with animal manure as the main raw material. The production equipment used to make this kind of organic fertilizer. The production line equipment selection for organic fertilizer production and the number of types are different, so how to choose the equipment of the organic fertilizer production line?

Simple organic fertilizer equipment configuration includes crusher, mixer, granulator, screening machine and packaging machine, small organic fertilizer production line manufacturer, the whole set of equipment is only 50,000 to 60,000 yuan, the equipment investment is not large, but a large amount of investment is required in the later period Labor costs.
How much does it cost to purchase equipment for the organic fertilizer production line?
The complete equipment configuration includes fermentation equipment, pulverizers, mixers, granulators, dryers, coolers, screening machines, coating machines and packaging machines, as well as conveyors for conveying materials between the equipment. Such a complete set of fertilizer production machine configuration requires two to three million, but the entire production line only needs five or six workers to complete the production operation and realize automated production.

Organic fertilizer production line belongs to large-scale machinery and equipment, which needs careful consideration when purchasing. It is inevitable that there will be a comparison of goods. Since you want to make a comparison, you must come to the place with more producing areas, that is Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Only here is the place where manufacturers gather, and manufacturers in other areas are relatively scattered.