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Fermentation production of organic fertilizer production line


Organic fertilizer production line is the equipment for batch production of organic fertilizer, covering all the equipment from the collection of organic fertilizer raw materials to the packaging and sales of organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer production line can effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by organic wastes from livestock and poultry industry, and play a certain role in environmental protection.

Fermentation production of organic fertilizer production line
The production of organic fertilizer: no matter what kind of equipment is available, the moisture of the material after the animal and poultry manure or other raw materials are evenly mixed is about 50% to 60%, ensuring good air permeability. In the aerobic fermentation process, the more oxygen is, the better, so the accumulated materials are turned through the fermentation temperature detection. One is that the air is well ventilated to supply oxygen to promote the fermentation and maturation of the materials; the other is that the mixing of the compost turning machine can be turned from the surface to the top. The bottom layer; three can kill disease microorganisms, disease eggs, weed seeds can also be quickly deodorized by high temperature, to achieve harmless treatment standards.

Pelleting of organic fertilizer is a systematic project. Around the core of pelleting, there are crushing, batching, mixing and other processes before, drying, screening, cooling and other processes after.