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Control of harmful components of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment


Pig manure contains many harmful ingredients, such as antibiotics, heavy metals, pathogenic microorganisms and so on. The presence of these harmful ingredients poses a potential threat to the environment and human health. Therefore, in the production process of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment, it is necessary to identify and analyze harmful ingredients to ensure the safety and quality of the final product.

In order to eliminate harmful components in pig manure, a variety of control technologies are adopted in the pig manure organic fertilizer equipment. First of all, through high temperature fermentation technology, pathogenic microorganisms can be effectively killed and the risk of pathogen transmission can be reduced. Secondly, the use of physical and chemical methods to fix heavy metals to reduce heavy metal pollution. In addition, by adding specific microbial flora, the degradation of antibiotics can be achieved and the quality of organic fertilizer can be improved.

In the production process of organic fertilizer production line, the harmful components control methods mainly include high temperature fermentation, physical adsorption, chemical neutralization and so on. High temperature fermentation technology is used in the initial stage of organic fertilizer production to kill pathogenic microorganisms in pig manure. Physical adsorption and chemical neutralization methods are mainly aimed at heavy metal pollution, and heavy metals are fixed by adsorbents and chemical reagents to reduce the content of heavy metals in organic fertilizers. These methods have good effect in practical application and provide safety guarantee for organic fertilizer production.

The control of harmful components of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment has achieved remarkable results. After strict control, the harmful ingredients in pig manure organic fertilizer have been effectively reduced, and the product quality has been improved.