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Application status of organic fertilizer production line in China's agriculture


The application status of organic fertilizer production line in China's agriculture is as follows:

1. Policy support: In recent years, the Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of organic fertilizer industry and has introduced a series of policy measures to encourage farmers to use organic fertilizer. For example, increase the tax incentives and subsidies for organic fertilizer production enterprises.

2. Technology research and development and promotion: China's scientific research institutions and enterprises have increased their investment in the research and development of organic fertilizer equipment technology, and constantly optimize and improve the technical level of organic fertilizer production lines.

3. Market demand: With the increasing demand of consumers for green and ecological food, the demand for organic fertilizer production lines in our market is also gradually rising. More and more farmers are starting to use organic fertilizers instead of fertilizers to improve crop yield and quality.

4. Improvement of the industrial chain: China's organic fertilizer industry chain has gradually improved, from raw material supply, production and processing, sales to service links, forming a relatively complete industrial system. This provides strong support for the development of organic fertilizer production lines.

5. Environmental awareness: With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, more and more regions have begun to pay attention to the resource utilization of agricultural waste and promote the application of organic fertilizer production lines in agricultural production.

6. There are problems: although China has made certain achievements in organic fertilizer production lines, there are still some problems. For example, farmers in some areas have insufficient understanding of organic fertilizer, unskilled use of technology, and equipment maintenance is not in place. In addition, the quality of organic fertilizers produced by some enterprises is uneven, which affects the yield and quality of crops.