Working site of new type fermentation compost turning machine


The new type of large-span fermentation compost turning machine is deeply loved by customers because of its large span, wide range, deep depth, high efficiency and even turning and throwing!

The new large-span fermentation compost turning machine adopts the middle chain transmission mechanism, which drives two large-diameter overturning and throwing wheels, symmetrical overturning, no dead angle, adjustable speed shifting trolley, left and right displacement, low energy consumption to complete the large span overturning work. In the case of deep stacking of materials, energy-saving transmission mechanism is used to complete high-depth and long-span ploughing operation with less power. Its hydraulic lifting system can automatically lift and lift the pan to ensure that the equipment can move without obstacles. In addition, the complete automatic electrical control system further ensures the convenience of equipment operation. The new large-span fermentation compost turning machine can be customized according to the width of fermentation trough.
Working site of new type fermentation compost turning machine
The advantages of the new fermentation composter are as follows:
  1. 1. Automatic control
Control cabinet centralized control, can realize manual or automatic control function.
  1. 2. Compact structure and advanced technology
Some beneficial microorganisms can promote the rapid decomposition of organic wastes such as livestock manure. With the unique continuous aerobic fermentation technology, the organic waste can be quickly decomposed, dewatered, sterilized and deodorized to achieve the purpose of harmless, resource-based and reduction treatment, with low energy consumption and stable product quality. Suitable for aerobic fermentation, suitable for aerobic fermentation, can be used with solar energy fermentation room, fermentation trough and transfer machine. It can be used together with the mobile machine to realize the energy of one machine with multiple slots.
  1. 3. Strong and durable
The tooth extraction is firm and durable, and has certain crushing and mixing ability to materials. The production capacity of compost turning machine is large, which is mainly suitable for large organic fertilizer production line.